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"Cops", the groundbreaking series that was instrumental in launching the reality genre with its video style, has penetrated the American psyche unlike any other show in television history, and has earned its place in popular culture.

Closing in on 700 episodes, the four-time Emmy Award-nominated series enters its 19th season and will maintain bragging rights as one of the longest-running series on television. "Cops" continues to rank No. 1 in its time period among key adult demographics.

"Cops" has profiled law enforcement agencies in over 140 United States cities and has also filmed in Hong Kong, London, Central and South America, Moscow and St. Petersburg. It was the first American television program to follow the police in the former Soviet Union.

Next season, "Cops" will cover the U.S. from coast to coast, filming police activity in California, Florida, Texas, Ohio, Washington and Massachusetts.

"Cops" is currently syndicated to more than 90 percent of the country.