The Fringe Reports Week 8

After long last our Olivia is home, and the things it took to get her there made up a great episode!

If you were one of the hundreds of people to think Peter was too smart for an Olivia switch, well, I guess you were wrong. Peter went like four or five episodes without knowing it wasn't our girl. I thought for sure he was going to figure it out ahead of time.

So Peter gets the call and tests Olivia just confirm what he already knows. What I thought was really disturbing about the beginning of this episode was that Peter gets the call, and then has to act normal until he can find the time to make a move.

But imagine getting news like that… finding out that the person sleeping next to you is not the person you thought they were. Then having to fall asleep next to them. What a creepy twist! I don't think I would have been able to fall asleep, and something tells me Peter didn't either.

When Peter throws out his little test and Olivia fails, I don't think it was very well thought out by Peter. I mean he was pretty much giving it away that he knew who she was!

Of course, it only took Olivia a matter of minutes to realize her cover was blown.

Back on the other side, I absolutely loved how they were planning to slice up Olivia to study different parts of her.

I have to say, she really sold it to me when she was locked up and the amount of terror she displayed on wanting to get out. It really makes me want to see Anna Torv in something else!

So she escapes and Agent Phillip Broyles helps her get there.

In the end, he somehow gets transported to our side and ends up dying.

The Phillip Broyles of our side sees himself all mangled up, and that must be one of the weirdest things a person could witness in their life.

Anyways, now that she's back, where will they take it from here?