Hell's Kitchen FoxMan's Review: Week 3

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Let's just dive into week 3 shale we?

So on the first show, the girls were off to a great start after they won the challenge.

On the second show, I always thought no one could screw up making a salad… but I guess I was wrong. I have to save that Chef Ramsay always thinks of the greatest rewards and the worst punishments!

Sabrina seemed to be playing nice, and I really think she did well. But we all know that she won't make it. I know she's not there to make friends… but her team has no faith in her and pretty much hates her. Personally, I'm still glad she's there, but I really hate when she gets mad and starts getting all ghetto.

Sabrina was looking like a superstar after Melissa put 23 pieces of meat into the oven before it was even close to time for entrées. I think we all knew she was gone after she did that. And she still had the nerve to talk smack about Sabrina on her way out… Some people just don't know when to admit they were wrong.

You have to ask yourself after watching this show for years. These people really seem to crack under the pressure! If these chefs really do have the jobs they say they do on the outside, it seems that whoever their employers are… are really getting screwed.

I think that Boris is next to go, but every time I think something like that, they end up staying for at least three more episodes. But come on Boris, how hard is it to cook crab cakes?

Russell looks like a guy that really has a chance. You can tell he was on top of his game and really looking to impress Chef Ramsay. Every time we see this though, we see them going down in flames on the next show. I really hope this doesn't happen to Russell. I think he has a real shot at the crown… if he can hold it together.

I'm glad, at the end of the first show, Sabrina didn't take the guys advice and try putting Gail up on the chopping block just to get rid of her.

We all knew (and I think she did as well) that Chef Ramsay is way smarter than that. See… Sabrina has some brains!

In the end, it was Emily and Melissa that got the boot. Can't wait till the next night in Hell!