Research reveals what dance moves attract women

(WFLX) - Scientist have figured out the dance moves that attract women and the moves that make them run!

Researchers in England video-taped men, aged 18-35, with a 3-D camera system as they danced to a basic rhythm and mapped their movements onto featureless computer figures (avatars). Women were then asked to rate the dance moves.

"We found that (women paid more attention to) the core body region: the torso, the neck, the head. It was not just the speed of the movements, it was also the variability of the movement. So someone who is twisting, bending, moving, nodding," said Dr. Nick Neave, an evolutionary psychologist at Northumbria University, UK.

Movements that went down terribly were twitchy and repetitive - so called "Dad dancing".

Women are most attracted to male dancers who have big, flamboyant moves similar to the actor's trademark style. Think John Travolta.

Check out the bad and good dancing avatars below.

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