Judge Pirro

Monday - Friday at 12 PM

"Judge Jeanine Pirro" is a fast-paced one-hour daily court show featuring Jeanine Pirro, former District Attorney and County Court Judge of Westchester County, New York, highly respected legal commentator, author and renowned champion of the underdog.

Uniquely Pirro in "Judge Jeanine Pirro"

Jeanine Pirro brings her direct, no-nonsense attitude and compassionate approach to a myriad of cases; from typical small claims to more emotionally-charged family court matters, including domestic violence, couples in crisis, deadbeat dads and out-of-control teens.

She uses her credibility, expertise and extensive courtroom experience on criminal cases that will inform, inspire and entertain viewers from all walks of life. With the goal of helping people resolve their differences, Judge Pirro is relatable, sympathetic, passionate and often humorous in her approach to the courtroom; she enlightens litigants and home viewers, helping them better understand issues relevant to their everyday lives.

Who is Judge Pirro?

"Judge Jeanine Pirro" reflects many of the themes of Judge Pirro's own political and legal career, in which she tenaciously fought for a level playing field for women, children and the disenfranchised.

After being elected Westchester County's first female County Court Judge in 1990, and Westchester's first female District Attorney in 1993, Judge Pirro tried some of the toughest cases in the country -- and enacted groundbreaking laws to protect women and children.

From successfully starting the first domestic violence unit in the nation, to becoming a highly sought-after legal commentator on the biggest news stories to grip the nation -- starting with the O.J. Simpson murder trial in 1994 -- Judge Pirro has used her insight, education and professional experience to make a difference.

A true social activist, she now broadens her reach as she tackles issues affecting families and individuals across the country -- in an effort to improve their lives.

Distinct Features of "Judge Jeanine Pirro"

Viewers will get to go behind the scenes, into the judge's chambers, where Judge Pirro counsels litigants. In the special feature "Pirro's Principles" she offers insights on the law, and brings relevance and topicality to the show by citing current legal cases in the news.

Fans of "Judge Jeanine Pirro" can escape their daily routine and take away an uplifting message of fairness for all, as Jeanine Pirro demonstrates daily how her life experience informs her passionate, personal interest in every case she judges.

"Judge Jeanine Pirro" is produced by Telepictures Productions and originates from Chicago.