Purchasing this golf glove lends a hand to a new young golfer

Purchasing this golf glove lends a hand to a new young golfer

While golfers can pour thousands of dollars into proper equipment, a sometimes overlooked element of the gear is getting some love from a Kickstarter campaign.

Red Rooster Golf says it's trying to offer a quality golf glove at a better price, while also offering a hand to new golfers.

The idea behind a Kickstarter campaign is that when you buy a golf glove, the company will donate a new glove to a first time youth golfer, who may be showing up unprepared.

“We thought wouldn’t it be a great way to introduce them to the game to actually give them a glove at the event. It’s going to make them feel more included, more welcome, but they’re going to also be a lot more successful,” explained Kerry Moher, Founder of Red Rooster Golf Inc.

Moher was inspired by seeing the reaction of his four children when they started to learn the game.

“I remember the first time I bought them a golf glove, I remember how they kept it with them. Like one of my daughters put it on her nightstand,” he said.

The goal is to get 5,000 Red Rooster gloves on kids’ hands this summer through the First Tee and the Play it Forward program, then go from there. The organization is starting with organizations near its home base, and it hopes to spread to other states like Florida soon.

Red Rooster Golf hopes to support South Florida golf non-profits in the near future. Moher says when the gloves are sold in the area, the donations will stay in that local community.

“Wherever gloves are sold that’s where we’d like to see the gloves shared, so if Palm Beach County, if we have lots of support from that area, a lot of adults buying our Cabretta leather golf gloves, we’d like to see them back to that community,” he said.

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