Veterans getting out of isolation with the help of horses

Veterans getting out of isolation with the help of horses

"If you don't laugh at life, you're in bad shape today," said veteran Harold Trieber. "I left high school my senior year and I joined the Air Force. I spent 4 years in active duty. I did a total of 8 years."

A longtime dream for Equine Rescue and Adoption Foundation becomes a reality - combining horses, local veterans, and their families.

"I truly believe when we are out there with the horses it's a true understanding about finding our best in ourselves." said equine professional Karen Woodbury.

The program is helping to get people out of isolation and bring them back into the community.

"Horses & Heroes of the Treasure Coast provides a safe and fun community environment for equine connection and camaraderie for veterans and their families through the gift of the horse.

The program is facilitated by Marie Ferri LMHC, Program Director and Karen Woodbury, equine professional.

"It's being able to work with the horses in a way and understand their language and communicate with them to build the connection between the horse and human," Woodbury explains.

Trieber says he was afraid of the horses at first. "Not so much now. I am learning how to read what the horse is thinking. I hope," he said. "They calm you down. you take all the outside stresses, and they disappear while you're working with the horses. I look forward to Wednesdays and maybe sometime, I will be able to walk out there and get the horse to move where I want it to move."

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